Triad School Events

11th Annual Trivia Night & Silent Auction

SJES PTO Presents: 11th Annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction
Saturday March 30 at Lindendale Park Ballroom View the Flyer
(Highland Sharpshooter's Hall), 2005 Parkhill Drive, Highland, IL 62249
Doors Open at 5pm; Trivia Begins at 6pm; Trivia Winners: 1st-$130; 2nd-$75
Silenct Auction Open & Free to the Public; Drinks Must Be Purchased at the Bar.  Water, Soda, & Alcohol Available; Bring Your Own Snacks/Food
Early Bird Registration $100/Table if received by March 1st
Admission $130/Table (8 players Max/Table); Mulligans - $10/sheet of 10
Make Checks Payable to  SJES PTO; Send RSVP + Payment to St. Jacob Elementary, Trivia Night, 305 Jacob Street, St. Jacob IL 62281. Walk-ins welcome, but subject to table availability.  No show tables will be considered a donation.  Questions: Call Katrina Hunerkoch at 618-201-6147 or email

Partners in Education

Goal: Provide our educational partners with a list of those Chamber members interested in speaking, making both monetary and non-monetary donations etc.

If you are a Chamber Business or Educational Staff, please fill out this form and send finished forms to Dawn:

Triad Incentives - Triad/Chamber/Chamber Members Working Together

The Triad School District has put together a unique professional development system for their 250 certified staff and faculty members. In this program, teachers have the option to sign up for courses led by instructional coaches, or they can choose their own adventure and research a strategy or tool of their own choice. Their next step is to use those new skills in their classroom. This program is helping Triad stay in the forefront of innovative educational practices.

Here's where you, as a Chamber member, come in. Once the teachers use their new skills professionally, the coaches in the district would like to reward them with coupons or gift cards or other donations of any kind from local businesses.

Whatever you end up donating, you will be able to use those credits to purchase things within the Chamber that actually cost you money – so it is win/win.  Credits will be based on what you provide so, for example, if you provide a $10 gift card and it is selected from one of the Triad staff, then you have a $10 Chamber credit!

Read More and Apply

Foundations for Success

Foundations for Success Prevention Initiative Program - Parents as Teachers Affiliate
The Foundations for Success Prevention Initiative is a voluntary education and support program offered for FREE to families that reside in the Triad School District and are expecting a baby or have a child under theage of 3 years.  Read the Flyer to find out more about the services provided by this program.
This program is funded by the Illinois Department of Education
Foundations for Success Prevention Initiative Program
C.A. Henning Elementary
520 East Highway 40, Troy IL
618-667-5401 ext. 6194

Host an Exchange Student on a US Dept. of State Scholarship

Consider becoming a host family for a high school student on a US Dept of State scholarship.  Students will be with the host family for two semesters beginning in August 2018.  Find out more about these students, the scholarships they have qualified for, and what is required of host families by reading the information linked below.
Please read the flyers for more information
View Info Letter; View State Dept Scholarship Info; View Hosting Families Needed Letter

Triad Maker Space

Triad has an exciting opportunity for you to assist with their Maker’s Program.  “A makerspace is a metaphor for a unique learning environment that encourages tinkering, play, and open-ended exploration for all.”  ~ Laura Fleming

Community members, below is a list of some of the larger items we are trying to secure for our district MakerSpaces. Though we are starting with C.A. Henning, it is our goal to have Makerspaces in each of the elementary schools throughout the Triad district. For any donation that is made by an individual or organization, we will include a donation plaque on the item to recognize our community members’ generosity. We look forward to working with you in building these amazing supports for our schools.
Jeannine Butler and Sarah Phelps,

Please read the supplies needed for Triad's Makerspace: View Big Ticket Items Flyer and View the original flyer

Animated Digital Advertisement

We are looking for sponsors to feature on the Basketball Scoretable and help support the Knights Athletic Department.
- Animated Digital Advertisement is located in the Basketball Gymnasium
Animated Digital Advertisement:
2' x 8' Ad on Scoretable
Professionally Designed Animated Ad
3 Full Years of Endless Exposure Potential
Industry Exclusivity
PA Announcments at every Home game throughout Sponsorship
Only: $965/year Payment Plans Available for Every Budget
View the Flyer

Bus Drivers Needed

Bus Drivers Needed for Triad School District #2 in Troy IL
Apply online , E-mail or call 618-667-5400 Ext 1208
Must be 21 years old and hold a valid driver's license
Good driving record and bus driving license a plus
Starting wage: $14/hour
Full and Part Time Positions Available
Summers & Holidays Off
Training Available
View Flyer

Triad Booster Club Windscreens

Triad Booster Club is offering printed windscreens. Support the Triad Booster Club by ordering yours today!

View Order Form

The Giving Project

Please consider donating to a new project at Triad High School called The Giving Project.
This project will consist of a service that we want to provide for any student facing a financial burden in our school to receive free gently-used clothing, toiletries, and or shoes/accessories. We plan to provide these resources to our students from donations that people may typically give away or sell.  We are also working in coordination with our Special Education Department to use this resource as a means for transition skills for students in our training for life skills program (i.e., laundering, folding, and sorting).

Please read more about The Giving Project and consider helping with this worthy cause.