Meet and Treat Networking Opportunity


Are you interested in personally visiting some of our Chamber members?  If so, then you might be the perfect person for a Meet & Treat.  

A Meet & Treat Run consists of riding with Dawn and dropping in on 10-12 current or potential Chamber businesses, introducing ourselves, providing them with our snack/information and then thanking them for their time.
If you wish to participate, we ask that you provide the Chamber with a list of 12-15 potential stops and then we can line up the route from the list. (We ask for 12-15 in case businesses are closed, people are not in the office, etc.)  We can do the entire Meet & Treat run in under two hours (assuming the businesses are pretty close together).

It is important to note that this is only an introduction, not a meeting.  It is a great way to acquire the contact name, make the introduction and then we suggest that you follow up with a thank you card. Remember, doing business with other Chamber members is a great way to build relationships. If you are interested in signing up for a Meet & Treat, be sure to complete the information below and e-mail to  The dates/times fill up fast, so get your application in ASAP.

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Meet and Treat Networking Opportunity of the Troy Maryville St Jacob Marine Chamber of Commerce in Troy IL